Celebration Service: 10:30 a.m. at our Sanctuary

We are pleased to announce we have returned to the Sanctuary at our Sonoran Desert Center campus.  The Sanctuary is located just a short stroll from The Oasis.  We look forward to welcoming you home!

COVID-19 safety protocols are still in place and enforced per CDC guidelines. 

If you have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19, masks are no longer required.  If you have not been fully vaccinated, please continue to wear a mask.

Click here for our COVID-19 safety steps. 


Namaste. You are welcome here.

We are a loving group of people who share the feeling that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our teaching respects and welcomes all people from diverse spiritual paths and those seeking a happier way to live.

Our Sunday celebration services are filled with thought-provoking messages from Reverend Donna Maurer and our Licensed Spiritual Practitioners, joyful music, and a chance to be with like-minded people.


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Hi, I’m Flo, our Center’s Prosperity Pig

Our philosophy tells us that what we continually think about eventually manifests in our world.  To keep our minds and thoughts on the blessings we have, I am inviting you to play the Prosperity Pig Game with meIt works like this: Keep track of your unexpected or unplanned income, and feed me 10%.  You will be activating the Law of Circulation, so watch for additional abundance as it continues to flow into your life.  Just click on my dancing picture to use a credit card – or send a check to:
SDCSL, PO Box 1598, Green Valley, AZ 85622.
And thank you for playing!


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PO Box 1598, Green Valley, AZ 85622