Practitioner Treatments

Spiritual Mind Treatment

Spiritual Mind Treatment, or Affirmative Prayer, is the type of prayer format used in the Centers of Spiritual Living and Science of Mind teaching. It is termed such because, as a medical doctor treats a physical condition, we “treat” a condition or situation on a mental and spiritual level to reveal and manifest the spiritual perfection that already exists behind it. Unlike traditional prayer, which is usually in the form of a supplication or petition to an outside, separate entity, spiritual mind treatment acknowledges that we are one with God, Its power for good, and our ability to use it. Rather than asking, we state our desire or intention in the first-person, present-tense as if it were already so, and then with feeling and faith, release it into the Law of Mind for manifestation. What we think and say into the Universe is automatically reflected back to us, and Spiritual Mind Treatment does this in an affirmative, focused, and proactive manner.

Below are some examples of Spiritual Mind Treatment for a variety of issues. Click on the box of each Spiritual Mind Treatment that you would like to read, and the words will drop down for you to read and take on as your own.

Treatment for Perfect Health

God is all there is. It is the Infinite Intelligence, Cosmic Consciousness and Divine Mind that is the Creator and Source of all that is. It is everywhere and equally present, filling all space, and It lives, moves and has Its being in, through, and as It’s creation. As all Its expressions, God out-pictures as infinite, endless, vibrant energy, perfect process and circulation, functioning perfectly in, through and as all Its manifestations.
Recognizing this truth, I recognize myself as part of and one with Spirit, a perfect expression, and out-picturing of It. It is my source and I am created from It, as It. What is true of It is true of me, especially the power of my believes, thoughts and words to create my reality. Like God’s, my word is powerful and creative. It is law in the Universe and I speak it now.
I know, declare and affirm that as God in perfect expression, I am patterned after a divine idea and perfect blueprint in the Mind of Spirit. I recognize that at my spiritual core I am whole, perfect and complete. Accepting this truth for myself, perfect health and wholeness manifest and out-picture in, through and as me now. Every atom, molecule, cell, fiber, tissue and organ of my being is saturated and immersed in the healing, perfecting and whole-ing energy and power of Spirit Substance. Every part of my body works together in perfect oneness in harmony and order. It functions at 100% peak performance, assimilating, circulating, and eliminating in perfect cycling. God knows nothing of imperfection or disease, and so any condition within me which is unlike this divine perfect pattern does not belong, no longer has any power within or over me and is now completely and permanently released into the nothingness from which it came. I am perfect Life itself, radiating and expressing vibrant health, high energy, joy, wholeness and completeness.

I am thankful and deeply grateful for this truth, knowing that my word is the word of the Divine expressing through me. It is powerful and creative; it is Law in the Universe! And so I release my word into the Law, where it is imprinted on Subjective Mind for immediate manifestation in my experience. I declare it done! And so it is!

Jon William Lopez, LSP

Treatment for Abundance 1

In this moment I recognize that there is one source in the universe. All knowing, all powerful, ever present Sprit-God.
I am an integral part of this Spirit-God.
I speak my word knowing that I have the power to create all that I need and desire. Abundance flows gently to me in all areas of my life. I expect it, I accept it. As I abundantly receive, I abundantly give,
for giving is my acknowledgment that God is my source and my source is limitless.
I give thanks for the ever-increasing abundance that flows freely and easily to me. God is great, life is good and I am truly blessed.
I release these words into a law that I know to be perfect, knowing the outcome is assured.

And So It Is!

Rev. Bob Bailey 

Affirmations: Divine Abundance is forever manifesting itself in my affairs.

Money is a symbol of God’s Abundance and I accept that which is rightfully mine. 

Treatment for Abundance 2

There is one Power, One Presence, One Divine Intelligence and it is God.  God is behind everything, everyone, all the Peace, Love, Joy and Abundance in the Universe.  God is that Creative Mind working in and through each of us. God is the Source of all that is Good.  God knows only Good and we are each One with that Good. We are each One with God.

And I accept and know that with God as my Source and my Supply that the Universe can only be a Universe of Peace, Harmony, Joy and Abundance.  I accept that I am one with the One.

I simply open my mind and my heart to receive all that is Good, all that the Universe has to offer.  I open myself joyfully, without reservation or restraint knowing that the Goodness, the Abundance of the Universe is mine now.  I know no fear, uncertainty or lack in my life. I open my arms to the heavens and gratefully receive all the richness, the grace the love that the Universe pours down on me. It is mine for the taking as I recognize it and accept it.  I am wrapped in a cloak of pure Love knowing that Love is the Source of all things. As I am open to Love, so I am open to all that there is in the Universe.

I am grateful for knowing that Abundance in all areas of my life is mine now.  I am grateful for God’s mind, which is my mind, that joyfully accepts abundance free of any fear or doubt.

I receive this richness and fullness into my complete being freely and openly now.

And I release my word in to the Creative Law of Mind, knowing that as I speak my word, it is already done.  And so it is. Amen

Louise Riley, LSP

Treatment for Love

Love is abundant and limitless in the Mind of the Divine. There is so much Real Love that anything unlike it simply dissolves. Real Love is the essential essence of the Universe. It is the Powerful Universal Force that keeps Life happening. I am part of all that.

So right here and now I speak my word on behalf of any situation where Real Love can dissolve any conflict, any dependency, any confusion, any imbalance. I go to the weakness and allow the feelings to arise. I feel them, name them, then let them go. There is no room for weakness here anymore. Now is the time and place and intention of Real Love to infiltrate every nook and cranny of the situation at hand and glorify its existence by the revealing of Balance, Interdependence and complete Peace. I breathe in the Wholeness of Good as I allow the Truth to move into my being. Real Love holds no attachments and this is my focus as I let go and let God. I accept the freedom and courage of Real Love as mine.

There is only good and I am now there. I bask in the light of the Divine. I am whole. I am complete.

I let go and let God.

I know it is already Good.

And so it is.

Melinda Mutch, LSP

Treatment for Wholeness 1

God is the omnipotent presence in everyone and everything.  God is the healing power of the Universe which is Whole, Perfect and Complete.  God is within everyone and everything for God is all there is!

So I affirm this Truth today knowing that there is a common field of grace that carries all Life into its highest and richest expression.  I understand this expression to be inherently perfect, whole and a complete expression of God in all Its glory. I know that I am one with all Life and know all Life to be a demonstration of this awesome force of grace light energy, a demonstration of this rising Love I name God.  As I know that this is my Truth, I claim this for all.

I know that there is a Divine Source that celebrates the awesomeness of God’s creations.  I claim that each one is Perfect, Whole and Complete. That each one lives with the understanding that Wholeness is their Divine nature….their raison d’être.  It is the Divine Design, Divine Plan for each one’s lives for It is all there is. I claim that each one is peaceful, calm and comforted in everything they do and are totally and completely surrounded in a bubble of Love.  That bubble of Love spreads out and touches others. That bubble is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and gentleness towards self and others. In this moment each one is surrounded by the healing power of Spirit.  I affirm that peace and calm are the healing power and that Spirit is always present in each one’s lives.

How grateful I am to know this Truth.  I stand in gratitude today as grace light energy carries this prayer into the deepest recesses of the awesome creative power of the Universe and weaves its pattern into the rich tapestry of Life that is unfolding now and does so forever more.

I release my word into the Infinite Law of the Universe that only say YES knowing that It is already accomplished.  I allow God to work Its magic. And so it is!! 

Patricia Watson, LSP

Affirmation:  God is. I am. And so it is!


Treatment for Wholeness 2

Spirit is everywhere and every thing. Spirit is me, and It is you. Spirit is with a friend who is facing a challenge. Within Spirit we find a deep Knowing, an unbending Truth, a most powerful Peace. These attributes are infinite. They are available to each of us, at every minute, no matter where we are, or where we are not. For the Love of God is within, and this Power will perfect the outcome of every situation, every distraction, every challenge.
This Power of Love reveals these Truths, so as we open we remember that we ARE perfect, whole and complete, despite any appearance to the contrary. Love is endlessly ours, as It is who we are. I accept this Love and declare my gratitude for It. I accept the Power of healing that resides within each and every one. I accept and I let go, all at once. And So It Is!

Melinda Mutch, LSP

Treatment for Employment

I recognize God as the God of right activity, the source of all creative self-expression. I am one with this right action of God and nothing can separate me from it. I am guided to my perfect employment. The employer I am seeking is seeking me. My energy, talents, knowledge and experience is needed and necessary in our world now. I am well compensated with the salary I deserve. I am eager and anxious to let my abilities be shown to all who can use me. These employers are ready and willing to compensate me generously for my work. I am taking the human footsteps to meet everyone, and do everything, necessary for the fulfillment of my dream. Job offers come to me from expected and unexpected sources. Thank you God for my perfect employment now. I release these words, as I accept my perfect work and get ready for my first day on my new job.

Affirmation: I give thanks for my perfect work for which I am amply paid and fulfilled. 

Rev. Peggy Bailey