Our Licensed Spiritual Practitioners

What is a Practitioner?

There is always a spiritual solution to every condition.  When you need more than an immediate Spiritual Mind Treatment (Affirmative Prayer), spiritual coaching is available by appointment with one of our Licensed Spiritual Practitioners. This is an opportunity to remember and align with the spiritual principles and practices that benefit any area of your life. Learning to align in right thinking, spiritual understanding, and powerful insight empowers you to participate in the creative process of your life. Spiritual Practitioners teach you how to manifest and provide metaphysical guidance along the way.

The power of a coaching session offers you the opportunity for:

-Healing at every level – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
-Manifestation of greater success and well-being in every area of your life.
-Uncovering old beliefs and replacing them with powerful spiritual understanding.
-Exploring the spiritual practices that are best suited for your needs today.

Health, peace, abundance, joy and love express freely through the constructive use of Intention and Affirmative Prayer. In a sanctuary of active compassion, deep listening, and unconditional love, a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner demonstrates working with the Universal Principles and Laws – the Universal Divine Intelligence, and how to intentionally activate it for your desired outcome. 

A session is about an hour, and our standard fee is $65.00. Please refer to the list of practitioners for contact info.

Ruth Bennett, LSP

Change your thinking, change your life. These words resonated with Ruth when she first started attending the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle in the early 1990s. She started taking courses: Foundations, Beyond Limits, Roots, Self-Mastery, Spiritual Practice, Financial Freedom and more.

    When Ruth and her wife, Dee, moved to Green Valley in 2008, she started attending our Center in Amado, serving several terms on our Board. When the opportunity arose to take Practitioner training, she was all in! She finished her training and passed her oral and written exams in 2016.
     Ruth knows the power of prayer and is grateful for the opportunity to know the Truth for all who are Seekers. She has taught/facilitated several classes including our introductory course, Beyond Limits, the life-changing The Four Agreements, the Fifth Agreement and Ernest Holmes’ This Thing Called You.
     Ruth is available for private Practitioner sessions and will continue to teach classes.
Contact Ruth Bennett: bennettruthaz@gmail.com

Rosie Cline, LSP

15 years ago I found the Sonoran Desert Center for spiritual living and felt as though I was finally home.

In 2010, under the guidance and teaching of our wonderful minister, Reverend Donna Maurer, I became a licensed practitioner for our Center. It has been my joy to serve our congregation in ways that nurture the hearts and minds of all. I am so grateful for this calling.

Contact Rosie Cline: 520-235-5396

Jon William Lopez, LSP

Jon William Lopez has been a student of the Science of Mind teaching for 28 years, and a licensed practitioner for 10. He was paneled in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has been an active, participating member of the Centers for Spiritual Living in Los Angeles, New Mexico, Texas, Georgia and now Arizona. He served on the Board of Trustees of the Sonoran Desert CSL until 2019, as well as serving on the Art and Media Committees. He lives with his longtime partner of 26 years in Green Valley, AZ.

Contact Jon Lopez: jonwil@aol.com

Click here to purchase Jon’s book, “Perfect Praying”

Melinda Mutch, LSP

Early 2005 I found a Science Mind at this Center in Southern Arizona, feeling at home and with others of like mind. I listened, I learned, I volunteered, I studied…and now I am a practitioner. I love to facilitate classes, as I need to study to teach, and exercise my spiritual muscles.   I became a licensed professional practitioner in 2010.

Life is meant to be full of Joy.  My task then is to uncover all the blocks to my experience of Joy, when Joy is not my experience.   Life does not have to be complicated.  We make it so for a variety of reasons, some unconscious.  Let us now get back to the basics of living life from the attributes of Spirit, our gifts of Life; such as Abundance, Joy, Love, Balance, Wholeness, Peace.   Everything is good, we just need to eliminate the garbage that has piled up and skewed our perception.  Continuous re-alignment helps us stay Balanced.

I am available for sessions where we can explore the blocks to fulfillment and a Joy-filled life.  One session can have a seriously good impact on your life.  Let us re-align with Source! Let us claim our good now.  I stand for JOY!  

Contact Melinda Mutch: 360-941-3318




Louise Riley, LSP

As a practitioner, my desire is to be a place of love and spirituality, providing a safe space for discussion, prayer and affirmative prayer.  I believe one of the most powerful spiritual practices is meditation.  Taking time to sit quietly, allowing Spirit to move in and through each of us, and being open to the Word of God creates a center of peace, calm and harmony in mind, body and soul.  

When we live according to Science of Mind principles we have control of our thoughts and we can choose what we do with our negative and positive thoughts.  Those thoughts we focus on most are what we manifest in our lives.  This principle is what attracted me to these teachings.

I became a licensed practitioner in 2015 through the Center for Spiritual Living in Fullerton, CA and relocated that same year to Green Valley, AZ.  I love the desert and I love our beautiful church.

Contact Louise Riley: louiser717@gmail.com 

Judy Robertson, LSP

In 2008 I started attending the Sonoran Desert Center for Spiritual Living in Amado. After I studied for 6 years, with no breaks, in 2006 I became a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner. I enjoy teaching and being a beneficial presence.

Contact Judy Robertson: 520-648-7287 – rjr111@cox.net