Our Minister

Rev. Donna Maurer

Reverend Donna Maurer is revered throughout Green Valley and Amado as a religious leader, community leader and visionary. Her Sunday sermons are best known for stories she tells about life, personal experiences, children’s stories and even fairy tales. She delivers a powerful message about Spirit through these stories that you will remember forever.

She stumbled upon the philosophy of the Founder’s Church of Religious Science on a first date- of all things! As she listened to the inspiring message of the minister, Dr. William Hornaday, she knew she was “home” and immediately signed up for classes. She quickly became involved in the Junior Church working with kids from kindergarten through sixth grade.

Every course she took made her hungry for another, and that journey gradually led her to ministry. Along the way, she became assistant Dean of the Holmes Institute Los Angeles Regional Campus and assistant minister to Reverend Dr. Arthur Chang.

Donna was the Senior Minister of Genesis Church of Religious Science in Vero Beach, FL for nine years. During her time in Florida, she was one of eight ecclesiastical representatives appointed by the United Church of Religious Science serving as spiritual advisor to Centers in a five-state area.

Rev. Donna’s office hours for the Sonoran Desert Center for Spiritual Living are Tuesday through Thursday, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. 

E-mail: greenvalleycrs@gmail.com

Phone: 520-625-6100 

P.O. Box 1598

Green Valley, AZ 85622


In March of 2006, Donna accepted a “letter of call” as Senior Minister of what is now the Sonoran Desert Center for Spiritual Living in Amado, Arizona. This began a love affair that sustains her to this day. Reverend Maurer, through her leadership and wisdom, has taken the Sonoran Desert Center for Spiritual Living to new heights in Sunday services, classes being taught regularly, community outreach, help for two local food banks, and more. Recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she has learned new technology and now features her Sunday talks on YouTube and Facebook.

Donna is very grateful for her masters and mentors who led the way to enlightenment: Reverend Dr. William Hornaday who taught the basics of Science of Mind with wit and wisdom; and Reverend Dr. Arthur Chang, whose broad-brushed approach to teaching introduced her to Eastern philosophy and the works of Joseph Campbell. She credits these teachers whose lights were so bright that some of it rubbed off on her. It is both a pleasure and a privilege to give back some of their love and wisdom to those she now serves.

Rev. Donna married John Maurer in December 1999.  They reside in Green Valley, AZ with their rescue kitty, Misty.