Practitioner Treatments


There is not a moment to lose; current conditions call us, in fact, pull and push us to prayer and it is an invitation, a deep urging from Spirit, to go deep and prove that it works. Now is an opportunity for us to create a wave of consciousness through prayers of peace, love, order, wisdom, and harmony that leads to, and contributes to, the transformation of geopolitical conditions in, and around, Ukraine.

TEMENOS Ukraine Science of Mind Community is asking all CSL community members and friends to join together in a 3 month, full-on daily prayer circle in whatever way works for you and your spiritual community. The collective power of our focused conscious knowing will surely reveal a third way; not winning and not losing but A NEW WAY – where it works for everyone. We are called to know that peace is possible and, in fact, is now emerging as a budding of acceptance, mutual respect, collaboration and cooperation among all countries and people involved. It sounds wild, unheard of and almost impossible. However, if prayer works anywhere it works everywhere; I know it is a reality awaiting our recognition of it here for Ukraine. There is some kind of amazing power in Ukraine and a willingness to be the place where the battle could shift to a new way of solving problems. I see a CSL system-wide response of sustained prayer which changes the current global political conditions of escalation of conflict through the consciousness of love, unity and peace.

LET’S REALIZE IT TOGETHER NOW and change the course of history.

The global super-powers are circling the Ukraine borders on all sides. Regardless of who disrupts the peaceful demonstrations calling for freedom and the right to choose, or who is paid for what, it is clear that it is time for a new way of coping with, and resolving, world conflicts because WAR is no longer an option.

With the world’s eyes on the events and deteriorating conditions in Ukraine, TEMENOS, the CSL S.O.M. community in Ukraine and Crimea, is holding Hi-Watch for the world that is being born right before our eyes. We are actively responding to a growing community need for support to learn ways to stay calm in the midst of such grave danger and almost unthinkable prospects.

Many call these events frightening, traumatic and unpredictable and we agree. Many people see it as a terrible crisis and they are distraught. I am so grateful to say that our practitioners, staff and students are in the clear state of mind that this is a birthing process and the old way of being doesn’t work and the new way is not yet clear to those in charge of the conflicts. This is a moment of power and of choice as the old begins to fall away and the new emerges. We remember that we must be different if we expect the world to be different; it is a huge call to develop huge consciousness of peace, love, tolerance and patience. We mourn the tragic loss of life in all these unnecessary battles inside the country’s borders and our work in consciousness ensures no one died in vain.

Is it easy? No. Will we make it? Yes. Will we emerge wiser? I hope so….that is up to all of us together.

Treatment for abundance

Rev. Bob Bailey

In this moment I recognize that there is one source in the universe. All knowing, all powerful, ever present Sprit-God.
I am an integral part of this Spirit-God.
I speak my word knowing that I have the power to create all that I need and desire. Abundance flows gently to me in all areas of my life. I expect it, I accept it. As I abundantly receive, I abundantly give,
for giving is my acknowledgment that God is my source and my source is limitless.
I give thanks for the ever-increasing abundance that flows freely and easily to me. God is great, life is good and I am truly blessed.
I release these words into a law that I know to be perfect, knowing the outcome is assured.

And So It Is!


Treatment for wholeness

Melinda Mutch, RScP

Spirit is everywhere and every thing. Spirit is me, and It is you. Spirit is with a friend who is facing a challenge. Within Spirit we find a deep Knowing, an unbending Truth, a most powerful Peace. These attributes are infinite. They are available to each of us, at every minute, no matter where we are, or where we are not. For the Love of God is within, and this Power will perfect the outcome of every situation, every distraction, every challenge.
This Power of Love reveals these Truths, so as we open we remember that we ARE perfect, whole and complete, despite any appearance to the contrary. Love is endlessly ours, as It is who we are. I accept this Love and declare my gratitude for It. I accept the Power of healing that resides within each and every one. I accept and I let go, all at once. And So It Is!

Treatment for employment

Rev. Peggy Bailey

I recognize God as the God of right activity, the source of all creative self-expression. I am one with this right action of God and nothing can seperate me from it. I am guided to my perfect employment. The employer I am seeking is seeking me. My energy, talents, knowledge and experience is needed and necessary in our world now. I am well compensated with the salary I deserve. I am eager and anxious to let my abilities be shown to all who can use me. These employers are ready and willing to compensate me generously for my work. I am taking the human footsteps to meet everyone, and do everything, necessary for the fullment of my dream. Job offers come to me from expected and unexpected sources. Thank you God for my perfect employment now. I release these words, as I accept my perfect work and get ready for my first day on my new job. Affirmation: I GIVE THANKS FOR MY PERFECT WORK FOR WHICH I AM AMPLY PAID AND FULFILLED.