Featured Artists for July – September, Bruce Krech & Wanda Wood Krech

Joint Artist Bio

Wanda Wood Krech

Photographer and Digital Artist

A native of “Scenic New Hampshire,” Wanda has long been enamored with all things visual.  As a fifth grader she spent hours perfecting a pencil drawing of a horse.  Later, in eighth grade, she became obsessed with using a simple Brownie Camera and black and white film when capturing the architectural beauty of a castle-like building in Windham, NH.  However, with no support or encouragement to pursue artistic studies her budding talents went dormant for several years. 

Then, in the mid-1970s while experimenting with a friend’s 35 mm SLR camera, she became fascinated with the amount of detail captured by this intricate instrument.  A hobby began that developed into a passion.   In 1988 after only a couple of slide photography courses at a NH Technical College she began producing artistic landscape photographs for personal enjoyment.  Then, in 1990 because of downsizing in the industry in which she worked, her life circumstances changed drastically.  Forced to work three jobs to survive, photography took a backseat. 

Wanda relocated to Green Valley in the spring of 1993.  She worked for a couple of years before becoming disabled in the autumn of 1995.  During the long months following her initial physical debilitation walking became a frequent practice.  In a short time she found taking her camera on morning walks helped to slow her down.  Her beloved photography became a way to enjoy the beauty and details of her environment.  Her disability forced her to accept energy and stamina limitations.  

In 2004 Wanda purchased her first digital camera and a whole new world of learning and practice began.  By 2007, while photographing New Mexico during weekend trips with a friend, she began to dream of the possibility of producing a body of photographic work.  Initially, she made a couple of calendars to give to friends and her mother at Christmastime.  In 2010 her dream enlarged to thoughts of a body of work on canvas.  This was after seeing an acquaintance’s photographic prints on canvas. “His work inspired me so much I could hardly contain myself—especially when I traveled to scenic places in Utah, Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico, New Hampshire, California and Mexico.  My passion for photography re-ignited as never before.”

Having lost her mother in March of 2012, Wanda believes she has mellowed a lot because of the gift of grace bestowed upon her during her mom’s illnesses.

 “Being available for my mom, as she needed me, was the best gift I received.  Praying every morning to see God’s will and to then be willing to surrender to it was my practice during the time as my mother’s health advocate.  Today I am truly grateful for all that God has given me, all that God has taken away, and all that God has left behind.

“I now see that God gifted me with a talent for artistic composition.  New technology provides lighter, more ‘user friendly’ equipment, and thus my dream of a body of work on canvas has become a reality.  I am very happy to share my personal images of Mother Earth, Father Sky, some of man’s spiritually inspired architecture and a few images that ‘talk to me’.” 

(Above is an edited version of what Wanda wrote in January 2013 for her first show)

Bruce Eldon Krech

Photographer and Digital Artist

Brue took an early retirement from Honeywell in 2007, to take direct care of his wife Betsy.  She had declined with Progressive MS in 2007 and died in 2009.  He decided to move to Tucson to be near his daughter and her family in 2010.

A year later he began a “new life” with hiking.  He added photography to enhance his time in nature and be able to capture and enjoy his many travels over this new period of his life.  Making travel books of his adventures became part of his process.  He traveled and photographed parts of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. In 2012 he ventured to Galapagos and Peru and saved his travel images using books made using Shutterfly.com.

Bruce and Wanda Meet

In autumn of 2013 Bruce and Wanda met at a concert in Tucson.  They soon discovered that they each had an interest in photography, hiking and traveling.  Bruce shared his email address with Wanda and asked her to share some of her photography with him and he would do the same.  They did, and then they began seeing each other on a regular basis.  At the time Wanda had her art hanging in the Sonoran Desert Center Gallery—it was an extension of the gallery show that hung from January through March 2013.  However, since the Center usually did not have art hanging in the summer months Wanda offered to keep her work up until the beginning of October.  The board accepted and the following year the board requested that she put her work up again.  This time however, Bruce offered to have some of his images printed on canvas.  So it was 2014 that they had their first joint canvas art show. Their last joint show was at the Unitarian Universalist Church auditorium located in the Amado Territory Ranch.

Bruce and Wanda’s joint ventures

Together they shot their first wedding (for friends) in November 11, 2013; and then a second wedding (for another friend) at the end of May in 2014.  In 2017 they covered another couple’s wedding in Amado. Among their joint shooting projects, they have covered:  several of the California Missions; the ranunculus flower fields of California; portions of Colorado in summer and again in autumn; many of the covered bridges in central New Hampshire; Most of the stone bridges of Arcadia National Park and some of area around Bar Harbor in Maine. 

In 2016 they traveled to Europe and took part in river cruise tours beginning at the Black Sea and ending five weeks later at the North Sea.  Five photobooks (all done using Blurb.com) resulted so far and one is still in the works.  In 2017 they traveled for three weeks in Africa.  This trip covered safaris in parts of Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe along with tours of Cape Town and tours around The Cape of Good Hope.  The books on this trip are yet to be produced and published.

On September 6, 2017 they married at the Sonoran Desert Center for Spiritual Living. Wanda has been a member there since summer of 2012.  Bruce joined the center’s membership in summer 2014.

(Bruce’s and joint bio written July 2018)